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Three Points Of View Challenge

In my last post I told you about the local writer’s group and a challenge.

Anyway, I am using the prompt that the writer’s group passed out at the last meeting for my challenge.

If you don’t remember what the challenge was, it is to write a short story or paragraph using the three different POV’s

So here is my short story, “The Spy” using first person point of view.

“The Spy”

   I peek through the crack in the louvered doors at the sleeping woman. Rubbing my cold hands over my warm arms, I shiver, and wait. I hear her moan and see her open her eyes. I step back into the shadows and hold my breath. When my confidence returns, I return to my position and watch her throw back the blankets and sit up. I see her stand up and stretch her arms towards the ceiling. Afraid she will see me watching her, I move back by the cotton dresses when she walks by the closet door. I can hear her sit down at the vanity. Staring at the closet door, I crouch down and wait. I see the knob turn and the door opens slowly. Now’s my chance and I jump out at her. I see her hands fly to her chest as I yell out at her, “Boo.” And I giggle seeing her shocked expression.

   “You scared me, Gretchen. Come here you little spy, you.”

   I wrap my arms around her neck. “Morning Mommy.”

Over the next few days I will post the same story using the 2nd person POV and then the 3rd person POV. I will post them on this blog post, so you can compare all three versions. 

These are the websites I used as guidelines in writing the different POV’s

Definitions; The Three Points of View


Writing in first person


And I am off! But I seem to have a busy week planned here on my blog, so you will see me quite often over the next few days.

Happy Monday Everyone!


  1. I have one suggestion. When using see, hear, etc. try excluding the word and add a reaction to the sight, sound, etc. Keep going with it. 🙂


    • I will try that when I write in the 2nd person POV. I don’t usually write first or second person, and am finding it a little harder than I thought it would be. 🙂


  2. rebeccadouglass

    Two experiments going on, as you’ve also written in the present tense, which I at least find more challenging.

    Thoough I write in both first and third person, I have never tried a really limited omniscient narrator–one who can’t get inside anyone’s head, just sees what’s going on. That might be an interesting challenge.

    Or the second-person thing, except I usually don’t like it when other people do it.


    • Hi Rebecca, I am going to try the second person and hopefully post it tomorrow. I don’t usually write in first person, so it is a challenge!


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