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I received my first 2 star review. Yay 🙂 Yes, I know I’m weird. Believe me I’ve been told that many times for many different reasons. In fact in a round about way, Friday morning, John Cox aka Paul Dorset, told me that I really must like the dentist more than him, because I was way too happy about my dentist appointment. There is a method to my madness.

I talked a little about reviews in my last post, “Take a Chance on Me.” And that was before I received a 2-star review. Yikes! And yet, I still stand by those principles. Did the review put me in a funk, actually yes it did, but only for a little while. I saw the 2-stars and the first sentence and threw up my hands, got off the internet and stomped away muttering, “I give up.” I took my dogs outside to play, and then I came in and took a nice relaxing bath and finally told myself, “It’s time to review my review and my reviewer.”

Anyway, the 2-star review was for, “The Good Dr. Grant”

Here’s the basic breakdown;

She said it was a slow read. Okay, well maybe I didn’t have enough action in it, but to me romance has to…Hmm…I can’t think of the word I want to use, but…evolve naturally, is a good fit.

Okay, let’s break down the rest of it;

She said the premise was good. Which I interpreted as being, the storyline was good and that it took her from beginning, to middle, to the end. Which for me is a goal I strive on.

She said it needed more substance and less white space words. Okay I can live with that.

And she said it needed either an editor or proofreader, which I had already been told by Gary Henry at  http://honestindiebookreviews.wordpress.com/  about that.

Now to look at my reviewer.

She has given 52 reviews total. Fifty for books, 1 for a video game, and 1 for a movie.

  • 19 – 1 stars
  • 10 – 2 stars
  • 4 – 3 stars
  • 9 – 4 stars
  • 8 – 5 stars

I read through her reviews, most of which are short, concise, and to the point.

Reading between the lines when it came to my novel and comparing it to the others,

  1. She didn’t stop reading after the first couple of chapters
  2. She didn’t complain about my characters
  3. She even gave Danielle Steele a 1-star for one of her books! (Now I don’t feel so bad) 🙂
  4. And last, but not least, she didn’t ask for a refund like she did with some of the others.

Am I embarrassed that I got a 2 – star review? A little, but I’d rather point out my own mistakes, then have others do it for me.

And I did try to find her on twitter and facebook, to ask if she’d like to review my other two books. 🙂 If you would like to review one of my books, just let me know and I’ll send you a copy.

Okay time to sum this up.

If you are afraid of 1 or 2 star reviews, don’t put your book out there for others to read.

No matter what star rating you get, take the time to analyze it and check out your reviewer. See what your reviewer reads, what they like and look for in a book, and use that as a guideline to find your target market.

Learn from your reviews. 

Don’t get disheartened. Don’t take it as a personal threat. Not everyone will like what you write. We all have our own tastes and styles.

And last, take the time to thank your reviewer. They didn’t have to read your book and they didn’t have to leave you a review. 

Here is the link to her reviews;


And this is my horoscope for today. 10/30/12 Which I think is perfect for this post!

Daily Extended
The good news is that today you will finally be able to close the door on past work issues. It’s all water under the bridge right now, and you can feel free to start focusing on more productive and positive goals. You have learned some very valuable lessons, and you’ve got things under your control. You have proven yourself, and those in power are ready to give you some more responsibilities! Everyone is ready to see what you have to offer, so get ready to put on a great show!

Have you received a 1 or 2 star review? How did it make you feel? Did you learn something from it? 

Sounds good to me! Now I am off to shut my inner editor up and write! Hugs for a great day everyone!


  1. Great point about perspective! Sounds like you actually got a pretty good review, in her universe.

    That’s the problem with the rating systems, of course. Very subjective and no definitions for them.


    • Hi Rebecca! I’m a positive type of person so I always try to find the good in everything.


  2. You have a wonderful attitude about it, Karen, and at least you know she read your book. I just released my fourth book yesterday and was on Cloud 9. That sense of achievement was running strong until I noticed a 1-star rating on GR. I know everyone will not love my work, so why did it bother me so much? Because there was no way in hell she could have read it BEFORE I released it. Keep in mind some people will give you constructive criticism, which it seems this 2-star reviewer did for you, BUT also know there are people who will do everything they can to see you fail. Keep that same wonderful spirit you have no matter what…even when the haters come.


    • Oh that’s really sad that people do that. I’ve heard others complain about the bashers. To me they are just jealous and have a lower self esteem than I. 🙂 Congrats on your 4th book! It is a great achievement! I am getting ready to put out my 4th book. Wanted to have it out by tomorrow, but my inner editor won’t shut up long enough for me to finish. 🙂


  3. Good advice and attitude. I haven’t received any lower-rating reviews yet, but I’m still new at this. I’m sure they’ll come, and I’ll come back to this post when they do. 🙂


    • Hi Tim!
      I was enjoying the 4 and 5 star ratings on all three of my books, but what can I say. I buy books that have 1 and 2 star ratings and so far haven’t been disappointed. And I can say I’m still new and still learning, but It’s what I want to do.


  4. I bookmarked this post for when I receive the inevitable poor review. Thank you. I think it will keep me off the ledge. 🙂


    • Hi Ava!
      Glad to see you on here. The storms and damage from them look terrible. I’m glad you liked the post and I hope you never have to use it. 🙂 But I did want to share because just talking about it helps me to remember that when people buy my books, they are spending their hard earned money and time on it and I should do my best to give them something that they will enjoy.


  5. Great perspective, kiddo! For the record, here’s my review of THE GOOD DR. GRANT ~ http://honestindiebookreviews.wordpress.com/2012/07/29/the-good-dr-grant-by-karen-einsel/


  6. Wow I lose my internet connection for an hour and come back to all these wonderful comments. Thank you. Now to reply to each of you.


  7. I appreciate your positive attitude about the 2-star review you received. In a way, I find that it was a positive review, because the reader took the time to give you constructive criticism, which I think is the best 1- or 2-star review and author could ask for. Cheers!


  8. Great post. Thanks for sharing. I really appreciate your take on the subject.


  9. Karen, your attitude is awesome. I so want to be like you when I grow up.


  10. I need to take more lessons from you, Karen! Yes we are learning all the time. In your first post I commented about taking the good with the bad. I had only received one 2 star review and I understood where the reader was coming from. The other day I received my first 1 star for my most popular book. In the past it would have crushed me– I mean the guy really trashed my writing and he was well spoken– and honest in his views. Oh, it hurt but I’ll live, lol. I took the time to read through all the 5 and 4 star reviews and it gave me a lift. Also my sells have gone up. I’m just happy people are reading my works.

    You’ve got heart and talent!


    • Aww Dannie, I’m sorry about the one star review and you know it’s funny that the books people love the most always seem to have at least one person trashing them, but on the plus side, a 1 star review piques people’s interest. 🙂 I’m happy to hear your sales have gone up, so maybe that 1 star review is a blessing in disguise.


  11. I recieved a two star from a reviewer who even trashed the cover of the book. I would hope that everyone likes my books but it’s just not possible. Someone who rates some many things so low isn’t unbiased. I haven’t reviewed a two star book yet, but when I do I will try to give all the reason why and hope the author learns something.


    • Hi Kimmie
      Well I know that wasn’t me, because I don’t judge a book by it’s cover. LOL But it’s true, You can’t please all the people all the time. The bad part about some reviewers/people is they will pick up a book for free even though it’s not the genre that they prefer and then they have the gull to trash it. I haven’t given any 2 star reviews either.


  12. I received my first two star review as well. She said I had to much sex in it, actually she said I had sex for the sake of sex. Well since I write smut, it suppose to have a lot of sex in it. Oh well. You can’t please everyone.


    • Haha! She must not have hated it too bad, if she read it all the way through! A closet smut reader, perhaps? 🙂


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