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Judging A Book By Its Cover Part 4, More Blurbs!

It’s Tuesday! But here’s Wednesday’s post! We only have 3 blurbs today. If anyone wants to share a book cover or blurb I will only accept them until Thursday, that way I can wrap up everything before the weekend and work on the post, Judging A Book By it’s Cover/ Summing it all up! Have a great night everyone and I will see you all tomorrow 🙂

“The Door On The Left” Written by Vonda Norwood

Is A 100% Fictional Very detailed Erotica Story

Alison Wills just wants that man’s body… Colorado State Trooper Knowsbetter, wants her to obey his bedroom law! The battle of Wills and Knowsbetter begins…


(Vonda is a woman of few words, until you read her books 🙂 I’m not going to tell you they are hot, you have to read them yourself ) Thanks Vonda for sharing!


The Adventures of Cecilia Spark-The Brimstone Forest written by Ngaire Elder 

Since Ngaire missed out last week on sharing how her cover was designed and we only have 3 covers today,

I wanted to share that with you also. So first…

The Brimstone Forest Cover Design

I wish I could take the credit for the magnificent art work for the cover of Brimstone Forest. The cover was designed by Peter Maddocks (illustrator, Fleet Street cartoonist, animator, artist and author). Peter is an extremely talented individual and we discussed briefly what idea I had in mind for the protagonist of my children’s series.
I wanted Cecilia Spark to be adventurous and brave, she was also to appear ‘untidy’, a lover of the great outdoors and have elements of independence about her.
Peter sketched a number of potential Cecilia Sparks and we both agreed on this Cecilia. She looks as if she could tackle anything.
The cover design of Brimstone Forest is quite simplistic, but in itself it tells a story. Here’s this adventurer, Cecilia, armed and ready to go bug-hunting with her creature-catcher and a jam jar! There is a little mouse peeking from behind her leg … who is he …? Does he play a significant part in the story …? The framing of Cecilia and Soldier the Mouse, and the highlighting of her name in orange and pink shades was like announcing the arrival of a new star.
Peter Maddocks had ‘free-reign’ to design the cover and I was not disappointed. He used black fibre-tip pens with high quality artist’s coloured pencils.
The front cover of a book is a ‘text-free’ teaser for readers, and it is so important to get it right. It’s the first contact your book has with a potential reader … the cover makes ‘eye-contact ’with you across the bookshelf and who knows, it may lead to something more serious!
My book covers will be eye-catching and unique for each story in the Adventures of Cecilia Spark series … I hope this book cover has caught your eye!

And her back cover blurb (Actually this was the description on Amazon and is a little different from the blurb on the back cover)

This is the story about a girl called Cecilia who is captured by a witch whilst she is bug hunting in her garden. The witch takes Cecilia to her witchwam in the Brimstone Forest and she is locked in a cage.
This is the start of Cecilia’s enchanting adventure. As the story unravels we read about her encounter with the snapdragon plants, her entrapment in a dragon net and her meeting with the Troglosauruses.
Can Cecilia outwit her captor and find her way home? Get ready for the adventure of a life time and meet the mesmerizing characters and creatures from Brimstone Forest.
The story is beautifully illustrated throughout – creator Peter Maddocks. His illustrations capture the magic and charm of this spellbinding adventure.

This is the first book in the new series – The Adventures of Cecilia Spark.



And I am also sharing a cover and  blurb from Emily Guido.

Accendo (Light-Bearer Series Book 3) Written by Emily Guido

Hey Karen

If you feature any cover, can you feature “Accendo”?  I love that one and yes my publisher designed it, PDMI Publishing.  I love it because it’s really representative of Charmeine and Tabbruis’ love for each other; however, the Evil Elder Council wants Charmeine The Queen of Light for their Evil purposes!  They also want to get rid of Tabbruis who is the King of Darkness for good measure.  The book name is “Accendo” which means light up.  That’s what happens in the book, Charmeine get fired up baby along with her family for the fight of her life!  Real life problems come between Charmeine and Tabbruis… they fight and it lets the readers know that even Blood-Hunters and Light-Bearers have marital problems.  The book is really the final chapter with the Elder Council… After this book… a new beginning to a whole new world starts with “Seditious” and “Ransom”!
If you need more, let me know!!! Thanks, Emily
You are welcome Emily and Thank you!
And here’s the blurb from Amazon 
Reality throws our star-crossed lovers, Tabbruis and Charmeine, for a spin as they now are faced with the evil lurking at their door step. Family must hold strong or pay the ultimate price.
Charmeine must choose to prove her strength and strive for her destiny or watch her entire life crumble around her. Lost in painful emotions, Charmeine has to sort out her husband’s wavering faith in her and her abilities. Trust can build nations as lack of trust can only bring down the world of one unsuspecting heart. Rekindled love between Charmeine and Tabbruis has been tried and tested and now will become the support beam for the next revelation. With the most powerful evil knocking at their door, Charmeine and her family now will be tested like never before. Will faith and love will hold it together?
Unimaginable forces are to be fought with the Elder Council, hunting not only Charmeine but Tabbruis as well. He broke the rules and now must pay the ultimate price for allowing the Queen of Light to live.A tragic loss sends a shock wave of pain and sorrow through the family. When everyone thought it couldn’t get any worse it unobejectivley does but there is always a silver lining. With enough faith in their family, secrets begin reveal a new dawn for Charmeine and her family. New days are coming and a fresh start is on the horizon.



  1. Thank you Karen for featuring Accendo. Like I said, I really love that cover and if anyone has read the first two books, they can see how this cover really says it all! I love the bright and vibrant colors but still leaves you with the mystery which Accendo has in it! Take care and thanks bunches! Much love, Emily


  2. This is a wonderful idea, Karen! Thank you for sharing with us!!!

    I really love checking out all the books and their covers!!! I’m making sure to click like on all the amazon pages!!!



    • Hi Vonda and thank you. It’s been fun and interesting to see how everyone comes up with their covers. I have been tweeting everyone’s amazon pages and now have some great new reads. It’ll be my winter down time when I get to them, but I look forward to reading every one of them. Hope you have a great weekend!


  3. Is it hot in here or is it just me….great stuff ladies


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