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Judging A Book By Its Cover Part 4 cont. Your Blurbs!

If you stopped by my blog yesterday, you know that I asked for blurbs from the backs of books or the descriptions posted on Amazon, but I also asked if the authors would change or add anything to their blurbs, some have, some haven’t. And if you would like to share your blurb email me at kkrafts58@gmail.com I will take 14 more 🙂
Okay on to the Blurbs! Isn’t that a movie title? 🙂
Here’s the blurb for “Sirus Bandai-The Invisible Bandit” written by Casey Sheridan

 Ciara Walker is torn between two men.
With sexy superhero, Ace of Spades, Ciara soon learns that dating a superhero isn’t easy, no matter how hot he looks in, or out of, black spandex. Besides, Ace misses more dates than he keeps.
There’s also seductive billionaire, Moose Hannigan whose good looks would capture the attention of any woman. But he’s also suspected of being an underground crime lord.
Can Ciara choose between them? She may not have to if erotic Sirus Bandai, the Invisible Bandit, has her way. After all, what Sirus wants, Sirus gets.
(I still don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but just between you and me, That guy is gorgeous 🙂 )
And the blurb for Roy Mauritsen’s “Shards Of The Glass Slipper”

One Last Chance To Save Happily Ever After! Can a group of heroes, including Goldenhair, Red Riding Hood, and Rapunzel, help General Snow White and her dwarven resistance fighters defeat the tyrannical Queen Cinderella? And will they succeed before a war with Wonderland destroys everything? Their only hope to stop Cinderella’s quest for power lies with a young girl named Patience Muffet. She carries the fabled shards of Cinderella’s glass slippers, as well as the dark secret of who murdered the last of the fairy godmothers. Roy A.Mauritsen’s fantasy adventure fairy tale epic begins with Shards of the Glass Slipper: Queen Cinder.

“Roy Mauritsen’s Shards Of The Glass Slipper is a fun, unique, and entertaining twist on fairy tales you’ve come to love, but watch out–you’ve never seen Snow White, Cinderella, Goldilocks, and a host of other fairy tale legends quite like this before. Mauritsen breathes new life into the classic fairy tales, and provides an extraordinary and invigorating take on fables I thought I knew well. Don’t miss this  groundbreaking work, which is sure to be enjoyed by young and old for years to come.”  -Edward J. McFadden III, author of Deconstructing Tolkien and The Black Death of Babylon“….A worthy writer with real talent AND a unique vision, a combination rare and important.”
-Janet Morris, Hugo nominated author of Beyond Sanctuary & The Sacred Band.

“Fantastic… A Magnificent Epic!” -Sarah Beth Durst, author of Into The Wild & Drink, Slay, Love 

“The Brothers Grimm meets Lord of the Rings.” –Patrick Thomas, author of The Murphy’s Lore series



Blurb for The Silk Code written by Paul Levinson

Here’s the revised Amazon blurb for The Silk Code – with revisions in bold

Phil D’Amato, an NYC forensic detective (also featured in several of Levinson’s popular short stories and two subsequent novels), is caught in an ongoing struggle that dates all the way back to the dawn of humanity on Earth–and one of his best friends is a recent casualty. Unless Phil can unravel the genetic puzzle of the Silk Code, he’ll soon be just as dead.  Neanderthals still among us, bio-tech in the Amish countryside, and gene splicing abound. Winner Locus Award for Best First Science Fiction novel of 1999, re-issued as an author’s cut Kindle.

And here’s the link:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0091W43JW/ref=nosim/?tag=dexter2a-20


The Ninja Librarian written by Rebecca M. Douglass

Skunk Corners is a pretty miserable place when the Ninja Librarian moves in.  It’s just another dusty, tough town in the dusty, tough hills.  Folks there aren’t too friendly, and they don’t see much need for high-falutin’ nonsense like schools–or libraries.  But from the moment the unassuming, white-haired gentleman steps off the train and into these tall tales, the changes in Skunk Corners begin, in equal parts exciting and bewildering to Big Al.   The Ninja Librarian uses wisdom, patience, book-learning. . . .and a few well-placed kicks and jabs. . .  to change the town, and Al, forever.
I like the blurb okay, but I might add something from one of my reviews: 
“Check any preconceived notions or predisposition against the off-beat at the door and experience a book that does one of the best things good stories can: make the reader smile a lot.”
Writing that blurb took a LOT of effort–like you, I found it hard.  Trying to get just the right feeling, tell something of the story but not give it away, and make folks want to read more.  Probably a bigger mistake, as I commented on with the front cover, is that it doesn’t give any hint as to age range for readers.
It does occur to me that, since this is a Createspace project, I can change it at any time.  If you have suggestions, speak up!
 “Executive Severance” written by Robert K. Blechman
“Executive Severance, a laugh out loud comic mystery novel, epitomizes our current cultural moment in that it is born from the juxtaposition of authorial invention and technological communication innovation. Merging creative text with new electronic context, Robert K. Blechman’s novel, which originally appeared as Twitter entries, can be read on a cell phone. His tweets which merge to form an entertaining novel can’t be beat. Hold the phone; exalt in the mystery–engage with Blechman’s story which signals the inception of a new literary art form.”
— Marleen S. Barr, author of Envisioning the Future: Science Fiction and the Next Millennium”A He Dunit. Sometimes a little verbose, but OMG this is the best twitstery I ever read. It’s got everything: narrative drive, mystery, comedy, thrills, tension, laughs. Blechman is on to something, a genre as important to literature as the invention of haiku in rhyme. …”
— Marvin Kitman, author, The Man Who Wouldn’t Shut Up: The Rise of Bill O’Reilly”A delightful ‘twitstery’ – a mystery written in real time Tweets – that is compelling, entertaining, and shows off what can be done in the 140-character form with style and mastery. Blechman’s delight in the language shows in every tweet – that is to say, every thread of the story. His plot is tight, tingling, and diverting. Poe would have been proud of the new form Blechman has given to the mystery story.”
— Paul Levinson, author New New Media and The Plot to Save Socrates“Embracing the challenges found in publishing via the medium Twitter, Bob Blechman’s super silly story Executive Severance is stuffed with punny dialogue, clever character conditions, and a total lack of adherence to the old “rules” of storytelling. It’s a meaty tale told in deliciously rare, bite-sized chunks that I’d recommend for consumption to anyone hungering for fiction that satisfies. Well-done, Bob!”
— Michelle Anderson, mediaChick, author of The Miracle in July – a digital love story
And I get to share my links this time also  🙂 Well one anyway, since it’s FREE!
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    • karensdifferentcorners

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      • Yes, that is Moose.
        LOL! I’m not sure how I came up with it. It just popped into my head.


  3. paullev

    Thanks again, Karen – and, I’ve got to say, I’m especially impressed with the choice of quotes in the blurb for Bob Blechman’s Executive Severance! 🙂


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