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Dannie Hill Visits Wednesdays Wonders!

Wow this is the last interview for the month! And we will say goodbye to September with a bang and not a fizzle because Dannie always has something to delight us and keep us on our toes!

Hi Dannie and once again Welcome to Karen’s Different Corners.

You know the drill Dannie, Give me twenty pushups. No wait that’s not the drill. How about you answer a few questions for us. Ready for the Hot seat? Well here goes….

 Many people don’t like the name they were given at birth. Do you like your given name? If not, what would you rather have been named?

Actually I like my name—it’s the spelling of, Dannie, that caused embarrassment in the past. I still get mail (of the snail variety) address to Miss Dannie Hill. Not sure what my dad was thinking at the time; even with my middle name (Craig) he decided to spell it Creig. Now I like being a little different.

Do you write under your given name or a pseudonym?

I write under my name—good or bad I want people to know who wrote the novel. Also, I’m not smart enough to figure out the whole pen name thing.

Is there a routine you go through before you begin writing?

Besides getting naked and running through the fields? Well, I only did that twice, until my wife caught me. Now I just sit, turn off the internet—now people are calling it the inter web… why? I have no idea—and let my muse take over.

 Is there anyone you admire?

There are so many people I admire: anyone who writes and goes through the effort to make their work professional. Readers—the life blood of a writer. I truly admire my wife and children. How they put up with my writing life is beyond me. And my Mom, who happens to be my main publicist and cheerleader.

What do you like to read?

I enjoy all kinds of genres. I started out with Fantasy and SciFi, but now I enjoy historical fiction, Romance and Literary works. I’m enjoying reading new and independent authors. There so much talent out there!

 Do you have a favorite author?

Tolkien, Brooks, Crichton and my all-time favorite Wilbur Smith. My new favorites include: Glenn Starkey, Eden Baylee, LM Stull, Lorna Suzuki and the list goes on. I’m amazed and a bit awed by the number of great writers of today!

 Does it have to be quiet when you write or do you like background noise? TV, music, etc.

To be honest, there could be a war going on right outside when I write and I wouldn’t hear it. I often play music to get started but that too is lost from the world I’m living in while I write.

Beach or mountains?

Both. My wife and I have a small farm in Thailand that is located in the central mountains and I often walk the trails to daydream. I love sailing and the ocean will always be a part of me. I would love to live on a mountain by the sea.

What inspires you?

Everyday things that make me daydream and add them to my stories. I’d have to say nature inspires me while my muse adds people to the scenes. My muse is my greatest inspiration. I don’t know where she came from but I hope she never leaves me to suffer the real world.

Favorite snack food?

Tropical fruits we grow on our farm. Papaya, bananas, mangoes and my favorite has to be coconuts.

Doesn’t matter who we are, man, woman, child, all of us get freaked out by something. Spiders, mice, snakes, bugs, geese, etc. What freaks you out?

This may sound macho or even better, dumb, but I don’t have any real fear of natural things. I’m not crazy about spiders jumping on me but a few of my real fears are public speaking, women(whom I love) and making big decisions.
 What is the most unusual job you’ve ever had?

I lived in the Marshall Islands for two years and I worked on airplanes—sometimes on remote islands—loved it by the way. In my youth I was a professional tree climber.

 I read on another blog, that a writer was working on 10 novels at once. Confusing! Do you work on one or multiple novels at a time?

I have a number of manuscripts lying about just waiting for me to pay attention to. Right now I’m writing two manuscripts, having another edited and trying my hand at short stories. I love the way my wee brain can jump from one to the other without confusion. I also usually read at least two books during the same period. I think it helps settle me or maybe makes me a bit more crazy—can’t tell.

 What do you like to do when you are not writing?

I have two motorcycles that I enjoy riding—one at a time—and travel out in the country in Thailand. I love to sail, but have been landlocked for several years. My farm takes up much of my time until my muse takes me by the collar and drags me back to my desk. Then it’s my wife’s duty to take over the farm. I couldn’t do anything without her!

And last question…Do you have anything new coming out that you’d like to share with us?

My latest book, Death’s Door, is the funniest Thriller you’ll ever read, but it’s full of suspense, thrills and a bit of romance too! I loved writing this book and professionally preparing for the greatest people in the world—the readers! Give it a try and tell me what you think.

My editor has my manuscript titled ON THE MENU. This was a difficult subject matter to write on, for me. I wanted to write something outside my comfort zone. It’s about a sexual predator that preys on women and girls. He’s seriously injured and winds up being taken care of by a young mother and her two teenage daughters. Can he change? Does he want to change? It also takes a look—in story form—at sexual slavery in the States today.

I’m having great fun working on two manuscripts right now. One titled Desperate Straits, deals with a the U. S. Marshall Service—in the future—trying to protect a valuable male witness by genetically altering him into a real woman. It’s so funny and a bit of a thriller. My second manuscript has a working title of, The Coward of the County. It’s my attempt at writing a beautiful piece of Southern Literature. I don’t know if it will be a full novel or a novella, but I am really enjoying it!

Karen you’ve been so kind to me by letting me come on your site and do a guest post and now this interview. You are such a great support to writers and it is a pleasure knowing you! I wish you great success with your latest novel Chris’ Journey Turning Different Corners (Her Journey Begins) and all your works!

I’ll be smiling for many days because of your kindness!

And thank you for being here! Afraid of women huh? Boo! Just kidding 🙂

You can get your copy of “Death’s Door” on  AMAZON
Paperback http://www.amazon.com/Deaths-Door-Dannie-C-Hill/dp/0982692463/
Ebook http://www.amazon.com/Deaths-Door-ebook/dp/B008IMBK3I
Also at B&N
Paperback http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/deaths-door-dannie-c-hill/1112082641

Twitter @DannieC_Hill 
Blog. A Writer’s Life in Thailand http://danniehill.wordpress.com/
Facebook: Dannie Hill

Death’s Door

When a terrorist’s dirty bomb threatens to contaminate the United States heartland, only pure American courage can disarm and disassemble the threat of Death’s Door.

New Jersey State Police Detectives Dell Sharpton and Bill Anders have been supporting the state’s Terrorism Task Force by using their Arabic language skills to gain trust and solve crimes within the tightly knit Arab American community. When officials at the National Security Agency learn of Dell’s remarkable courage and odd but proven ability to “see” the immediate dangers facing his tactical operations team, he and his partner Bill get caught up in a secret government run counter-terrorism mission that leads both men—and the ones they love—directly to Death’s Door.

Death’s Door is a fast paced thriller with non-stop action, suspense, humor and a touch of romance.

About the Author
Dannie Hill is an American and lives in Thailand with his wife. When in the States he lives in Houston, Texas. Dannie has 4 published novels that are enjoyed by many readers.
When not writing, Dannie enjoys sailing, motorcycles, reading and farming. He has a small farm in Thailand growing many exotic fruits and vegetables. The main crop is tapioca and mangoes. The hard work of farming helps relax his mind while his daydreams come to life. Thailand allows the sounds of English to quiet and daydreams to take shape on paper.
Dannie also has a blog; A Writer’s Life in Thailand. http://danniehill.wordpress.com/


  1. Karen, you’re hilarious! I think I saw Dannie jump out of his seat when you said Boo!

    Dannie, you’re adorable in so many ways, and I never tire of learning about you and your writing process. Death’s Door is a fab read and I’m getting around to doing a review for it shortly. I’m quite amazed by how you have changed genres and seem to do it seamlessly. You should be very proud of all your projects.

    As for being afraid of women…really? You can teach a class to other men on how to be charming. 😉 Besides, it’s nice to have a man who’s just slightly uneasy around a woman. I prefer that to someone’s who’s too cocky.

    Great interview you two!



    • Hi Eden
      I haven’t a clue as to why he would be afraid of women. We are kind, sweet, gentle and charming, what’s there to be afraid of. 😉


      • That’s right, Karen. We’re soft land cuddly like baby panda bears. Who’s afraid of them?


  2. Thank you for your kind words, Eden… and Karen. It’s true, I am a bit frightened being around women. It has to do with how amazing you all are and the way words shoot out of my mouth a few seconds before I think about them. Eden, I’m so happy you enjoyed Death’s Door! You’ve done my heart good!

    And you to Karen. I’m going through a– I guess it’s a blue period– right now and this interview came at just the right time. Thank you so much!


    • Hi Dannie. Sorry to hear that. I hope everything is okay. I always enjoy having you here on Karen’s Corners, you always bring a smile to my scary face. LOL Sorry couldn’t resist 🙂
      I’m doing a series here on my blog about book covers and will be doing a shout out for 20 covers to be featured in the next week or two. Kind of like a mini-promo that you might be interested in.
      I’ll let you know more in the next couple of days. And I’m sending hugs for a better tomorrow.


      • My moods are the life of a writer. Nothing to worry about because they are usually followed by my muse slapping me back to my writing. Sometimes I need a good slap, lol.


      • Ahhh…Well those I can relate to. The ups and downs have their moments. Lately I’d like to tell my muse, “Shut up already!” It’s been a busy little bee. LOL


  3. Great interview!


    • Thank you, Letizia! It’s always great to hear from you!


  4. What a fun interview to read, you two! Although, I could have done without the writing preparation visual, Dannie! While you jest, it certainly would not surprise me. Cheers!



    • Thank you, Rob. I guess I di add a bit to my preperations, lol. It is an attention getter.


  5. I don’t think I’d ever get tired of reading an interview with you, Dannie. Always honest and funny at the same time.

    Great interview, Karen.



    • Thanks Sandra
      I always enjoy having Dannie stop by. He always brings a smile with him 🙂



  1. Interview by Karen Einsel | Dannie C Hill- The writer

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