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Genres! What’s mine?

I have been writing. Boy, have I been writing!

Shhh…Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve started a new series. I know, I’m supposed to be working on the second book to “Chris’ Journey” but have found myself, “Stuck in a Rut” on the second book. No, no. I know the story front to back. It’s all here in my head, but it’s the putting it down on paper that’s giving me problems. I’m just not “feeling” that first love excitement.

So what’s my new series about you ask.

I can’t tell you. 🙂

Haha. Okay it’s a controversial  subject so I can’t say, or I won’t say just yet, but I can give you the basic outlines from each of the five books! But what I really need to know is what genre my series would fall into.

Book one deals with the end of the world and the problems faced by the few surviving people. (I know it’s been done, but not from my prospective!) Now there’s romance in it, but then I am a romance writer, duh! 🙂

Book two is one woman’s struggle of rehabilitation after a near drowning. And of course we have to have romance, right?

Book three is actually a romance! Woohoo! Between a doctor and one of his patient’s daughters. Hmm…

Book four deals with a child’s cancer. No romance…

And finally book five deals with a woman’s pregnancy and the love for her unborn child.

Sounds like a medical drama!

Science fiction?

Contemporary Romance?

Any help here?

I’ve been searching different blogs about genres, but basically they say the same things. Here’s a few I have found…




Okay that’s all you get for now.

And I hope everyone is having a great day!

Oh one more thing before I get back to writing, Wait! Two more things!

This is a blog that all writers and authors should be a part of! http://www.wonderfulreadofthemonth.blogspot.com/

And…I have a guest blogger tomorrow! So stay tuned and drop back by to meet Chris Ward as he talks to us about

“Living in Japan and Freedom of Creative Expression”


  1. Zen

    I think your first one might be a dystopian novel, but I’m not suuure. I’m actually not very good at genres; it took me a while to be able to categorize mine!

    Your ideas sound great though. Good luck! =D


    • Yes and no to the first book maybe, but… There’s so many genres and then subgenres, it’s hard to say which category the series would fall into. Could have some paranormal in there with all the death and dying. Might have to put in some ghosts 🙂 Hi Zen!


      • Zen

        I know right? I get lost trying to decide what fits best! Ghosts are always a nice addition though. =D I hope you’re doing well!


      • I’m doing good, but I was teasing about the ghosts 🙂
        Hi Zen!


  2. The truth is, Romance sells more books so you might have to put some in book four, ha!


    • I keep hearing that Dannie. And yet I hear sex sells too! And here I thought it was the age of vampires. Personally, I think romance will always sell no matter what type of story you weave around it. We are all romantics at heart.


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