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The Fabulous Blog Ribbon

I was awarded the Fabulous Blog Ribbon. Thank you Emily! I wasn’t expecting this. Check out all five of Emily’s nominees here! http://emilyguido.com/2012/09/02/httpwp-mep2gagv-14u/ And read her awesome news!

And to know more about Emily, read my interview of her here.


Okay, now on to the rules of  “The Fabulous Blog Ribbon.”

The Fabulous Blog Ribbon is that I tell you 5 Fabulous moments, 5 things I love , 5 things I hate, and then I nominate 5 friends.

5 Fabulous moments. Since I have so many 🙂 I’ll combine some.

  • The birth of all 3 of my sons. Each one unique and special in their own way. My sons, not the births! LOL
  • Starting college at the age of 40. Making the dean’s list. Getting accepted in the honor society. Earning my A.A. degree and graduating with honors.
  • Getting my first order of custom gift baskets. 40 baskets for an RV dealer, a $900.00 order! That was back in 2005.
  • Opening my gift shop back in 2008 when others had doubts that I could do it.
  • Writing and self publishing my first book, “Kyle & Kelly The Perfect Party Planner” (I have 3 out now)

5 things I love

  • My kids
  • My Dad (he’s 88)
  • My dogs
  • Camping
  • Gardening

5 things I hate

  • People who don’t use their blinker
  • Driving on the freeway
  • The words “Sorry & Thank You” It’s not that I hate them, it’s just people throw them around without any meaning behind them.
  • People that let their kids run amok in the store
  • People that let their dogs run the streets

And I nominate 5 friends


  1. YOU DESERVE IT!!!! I too had the same observation about college! It was hard but it was so fulfilling getting on the Dean’s List! Wonderful post… by the way “the blinker” truly a pet peeve of mine too! Take care, Emily


  2. Thanks so much.


  3. I didn’t know about the gift shop. Very cool. I’m glad you were able to prove the naysayers wrong. Oh, and I agree with blinker issue… I also hate it when people don’t TURN OFF their blinker.


  4. Congratulations, Karen! You ddo have a fabulous blog. Thank you for this honor.


  5. angelapeart

    Thank you, Karen. That’s so sweet of you to nominate me. I am graciously accepting although I’m getting rid of my Blogger blog and switching to my author website for good. Finally! Yay.

    I love your 5 Fabulous Moments. These are awesome things about you, and thank you for sharing them.

    I feel similar about “sorry” and “thank you”. And, sadly, I would have to add “I love you” to that pile too. It seems to me that people often don’t mean really “love” when they say that. Not always of course, but too often.


    • Hi Angela
      I also should do an author website, but…Soon. And to tell you the truth, It felt funny writing about my five fabulous moments.
      And you are right about the word love and saying “I Love You” It made me think of a part in one of my favorite songs, “Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol”
      where they say “These Three Words, Are said too much, They’re not enough….” And it’s true. Just saying I love you isn’t enough. Love should be shown in gestures and feelings. A hug, a kiss,a phone call, and just the every day things that we do for each other.
      In fact I have been grappling with my heroine in my current WIP whether she should say, “I Love You” to the hero at a certain part in the story.


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