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Boobs Everywhere!

Since I didn’t have a guest blogger today, I had to come up with a blog post at the last minute.

Yesterday was “National Go Topless Day” And I’m curious as to what everyone thinks about this. Lately “Boobs” have been everywhere in the news. Women are fighting for their right to breastfeed in public and since 2007  Claude Vorilhon has been fighting for women’s rights to go topless if they choose. Makes me wonder, “Why is he fighting for this?” 🙂

So yesterday was National Go Topless day. Did everybody go topless? No, me neither. I guess I was raised old fashioned. Frankly I don’t like to share my boobs with everyone. But reading the different posts and news stories on it has caused me to think of some questions of my own.

  1. Would you consider it only to be for the beach? Or do you think this is something that people would do just walking down the street?
  2. Would there be an age limit? 18 and up? Or are there going to be teenage girls walking around topless?
  3. And thinking of age limit, Would you want your 89 year old grandma walking around topless? Cringe…Don’t even want to picture  it…Sorry 🙂 Reminds me of the joke about the girl showing off her rosebuds and the grandma’s hanging baskets. 🙂 http://www.jokeindex.com/joke.asp?Joke=3520
  4. Will there be jealousy problems? Men getting mad with all the other guys oogling their girlfriend? Or women having their significant other checking out all the other women’s boobs? Or do you think this will help the self esteem of girls and acceptance of their own bodies?

I know this is done in other countries, so if you’re from a country that has topless beaches or? I’d love to hear your take on this. Any way here’s a couple of links on NGTD



Breastfeeding in public

A few months back there was a controversy about women in the military breast feeding in public while wearing their uniforms and I remember seeing the picture of the two women and some of the comments. Now I’m not opposed to breast feeding in public, it’s what we have boobs for, but…It can be done with a little dignity. The photo shows two women in  uniform. One is feeding twins and the other has just one child. Now some of the comments, when that photo was posted on yahoo, said that the woman feeding the twins wanted people to see her boobs. This first link is a video of “The Today Show” talking about the controversy and the second link is in support of breast feeding in public.



Okay, Now we can’t talk about going topless and public breast feeding without talking about breast implants. Honestly, I had wanted them at one point in my life, but after looking at this picture, I’m glad I didn’t 🙂

Article on breast implants 


Okay let me know your thoughts in the comments, and vote on the poll. I’m curious as to what everyone, men and women, think about boobs. 🙂


  1. National Go Topless Day didn’t even cause a ripple in my neighborhood.


    • Seems it made a splash at the beach, Venice Beach that is and in New York. No topless here though that I know of.


      • Well, I have to admit that your title sure caught my eye. My tongue wasn’t hanging out and I wan’t quite drooling, but I was at your site pretty durn fast.


      • Yeah I figured my title would get some attention 🙂 But I wanted to keep it clean 🙂 Don’t want to get x-rated! LOL Hi T.W. How’s your Monday been going?


  2. Zen

    Like T.W., your title caught my attention, haha. Personally I don’t like the idea of such a day at all. Some things should be kept private. Even if some people were okay with seeing naked people in public, I’m sure others would feel quite uncomfortable about it too. Aside from jealousy problems, it’s important not to forget the harassment problems. =/


    • Hi Zen I thought of the harassment problems too, not to mention sexual predators, which is why I brought up the age issue and teenage girls.


  3. I had no idea- but what a great idea,lol. I lived in Hungary for a while and going to the park islands on the Duna (Danube) River was an eye opening experience for this ole southern boy. On the streets the Hungarains are rather stoic people but in the parks they were all smiles, so I think it’s a good thing.

    I’ll bet you got a lot more male readers for this post. Great job, Karen.


    • Hi Dannie
      I think that other countries that have both male and female going topless have been raised that women’s breasts aren’t looked upon as being sexual. It really has to do with their culture.


    • I believe that we all want to flaunt, to share, to dress, certain ways to attract the opposite sex and yet still be able to keep our modesty and yet there are others that let it all hang out 🙂


  4. Casey Sheridan

    I didn’t even know there was a National Go Topless Day. I bet it was invented by a guy. All they think about are boobies 😀

    I’m just kidding. I know they have more than that going through their brains.

    Seriously, I think dignity and imagination are slowly going into extinction. I mean, it’s great walking around the house in a T-shirt and no bra. But I only go bra-less AROUND MY OWN HOUSE. I know TMI. I say, have some dignity and keep the girls under wraps. It’s better to make others wonder and use their imaginations.


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