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Wednesday Wonders with John Thomas Buckley

Well, I better get this up and posted! Hi John and welcome to Wednesday’s Wonders!Hi Karen,
Thank you for granting me an interview! I would love to be featured on Different Corners In My Life as well, it would be an honor!
Here’s my brief bio I am the 6th of 9 children! I am 37 years young and enjoying the gift of life everyday! I come from a long line of artists in our family, and I am proud of it! I write everyday and see that as my greatest love aside from my family! I have PTSD and have to overcome that daily among other challenges, but I wake up everyday enthralled to be alive! I live in Portland Maine and enjoy curling up with a great ebook!
I actually love the name John, but I dislike the nickname of Tom my family all but my mother insist on calling me! My opinion is nickname’s should fade away like the images on a baseball card in the rain!I use my given name in my books! Although I use the pseudonym lightningpen for blogging purposes, as I feel it frees me up for clearer expression.

Anything special you do before you get down to writing?

I watch a few hours of TV, brainstorm for 2 more, then workout and dive headlong into some pages! Committment takes routine! But that can be a good thing, just ask goat- kind and underwear salesmen!

Personally I love this question. Is there anyone you admire?

I admire my grandfather for his dedication to his children, as my mother passed that onto my father and he never left!

Favorite things to read?

I’ll read just about anything, as every viewpoint carries with it wisdom, but I’ve always loved science fiction and fantasy! It rivals my love of soda pop and elephant staring contests!

And of course we all have to have a favorite author. Who’s yours?

J. R. R. Tolkien for the timeliness and depth of his scope. And his comment on the war, as he urged a unified front against the Nazis!

Does it have to be quiet when you write or?

I love crashing rocks and yelling from neighbors to sooth and comfort me! No I just run a fan to drown out all noise!

Beach or mountains?


What inspires you?

Sparks! A perfectly put moment sends me soaring! Whether by book, show, movie, or song where the new commonsense is made!

And your favorite snack?

Nature Valley almond snack bars and delicious red paint! Not so much the paint, but the brush yeah!

Anything freak you out?

Insects, of really any kind except for fireflies and butterflies, but especially if I’m mid freefall without a parachute, hate that!

Weirdest or most unusual job?

I’ll never forget picking potatoes! Ya know for 50 cents per barrel, and it takes 30 minutes to fill one! Boy the dirt is what I miss the most!

I’ve heard that some writers/authors work on more then one story at a time, one guy was working on ten! Do you work on more then one at a time?

Usually 2 books at once that are a stark contrast to one another! The most I’ve done was 4, but at the moment just 1!

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Reading, long walks and watching my nephews and nieces play sports!

So tell us do you have anything new coming out?

My urban fantasy and young adult novel, Magic Everything, is coming out between the end of July to early August! It’s my finest work to date and I’ve written 32 novels! It is about a pair of young wizards named Thirsty and Thomas Nickle as they go in search of their kidnapped sister Darcy! They have to somehow find her in the newly christened city of New York Pashal, where New York City once drew breath!

I had a great time answering these questions and thank you Karen again for the opportunity! Let me know if you need anything else!

And thank you John! I love your answers and your great sense of humor! And once again thank you for being so patient with me.

You can find John here on his blog http://lightningpen.com/

And you can find his new book “Magic Everything” Here on Amazon,  http://www.amazon.com/Magic-Everything-ebook/dp/B008Q9FRPA


  1. Hi Karen, I love the slideshow and of course the interview! Thank you again! If the wind won’t blow, I’ll row the water white! Have a great night!


    • Hi John! So sorry I was late posting the interview, but my night looks like it will be a good 🙂 Hope yours is too!


  2. Well, John was worth the wait. 32 novels– that’s amazing. John I really enjoyed your interview and learning a bit more about you. I used to dig potates for my uncle who owned a ranch. My pay was getting to ride a painted horse that was all mine while I was at his farm.

    Great post and much success with all your books!


    • Thank you for reading my post! At 50 cents a barrel, and only 30 barrels for 16 hours work a day, minimum wage meant lying face down in the dirt! Pleasure meeting you.


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