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A special post today.

I just finished formatting my interview with John Thomas Buckley and I loved his answers! John is such a wonderful, inspiring, upbeat person, that I wanted to share a couple of his emails to me with you. John I hope you don’t mind, but reading back through your emails this morning and downloading your pictures made me smile, when I really needed it this morning and I thank you.

Hi, Karen I am happy to report that the new cover has arrived! I’ve attached it to this email and I really hope you love it! If you need anything else from me let me know! I can’t wait to see the interview up! Thank you for all your help and support! Writer’s are a group of friends that just need to find themselves first, then share the life they’ve discovered to be true friends! Have a great day and thank you again!

Hi Karen, I feel a lot better today allowing me the opportunity to take care of the photos! So without further ado here are the photos you requested! I sent you 3 self portraits and 1 of the first 28 novels I wrote stacked on top of each other just for fun. I feel fine with any of these photos being used as you see fit. Now while I wait for my novel to be edited I’m going to have the cover done. And once I have it I’ll send it to you, and if there is a specific size you would need, let me know please! Again thank you for your patience and the like of my blog today! You have a great blog by the way, I really loved the photos of the classic cars you posted! I love any and all of the older models of cars, as they inspire ancient creativity inside of my artist soul! Keep creating and every day is a gift!

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 And in this last one John has shared an excerpt with us from his novel, “Magic Everything”

Hi, Karen, I have the excerpt you had requested! Here it is and thank you for this opportunity, it means everything!

Thirsty has no idea what is happening as he scans the wall of wands, but he suddenly feels the breath of Thomas and he thinks he hears a half swear. Thirsty spins around and says quickly and reassuringly,” THOMAS, they got scoops upstairs I know it! Please, don’t burst and do something you’ll regret, don’t do it! I can grab a new wand, and we can go right upstairs after I do! Calm down, just hold on for a little while! I’m sorry the ice cream scoops weren’t here, I’m really sorry!”

” I’m pretty want to slap some head sorry too! You tell me there’s scoops, THERE BETTER BE! Boy if I get the shaft, people are gonna get some kick and yell, Thirsty! Boy I am riled now, riled! I can’t stop my feet’s from giving thought to doing a random person trip, Thirsty! Hey, I’ll do it, don’t you tempt me mister mano! Pop, stop being so happy, it’s bringing me down! SCOOP or nothing!” says Thomas coldly and sharply as he glares at every face he sees and shakes his head slowly from side to side. He has had it with the scoop-less wand shop and he wants some scoop fast!

” O.K. just think about our manners, and sweet sis’ Darcy. Thomas, are you pulling hard on my neck? I feel your cold little hands, now come on! Hmm, I’m actually thinking scoop myself. Thomas, I know you’re the one soft slapping my cheek, don’t try to deny it!” saysThirsty firmly and happily as he tries as hard as he can not to laugh, but he knows Thomas is having a moment.

There’s the excerpt, I hope you liked it! If you need to shorten it feel free! And if you need more please let me know! I can’t wait to see the interview up, thank you so much!

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