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Sunday Update and a New Book Cover

Good morning and happy Sunday everyone! Hope your day is going great so far. Mine has just begun. It’s only 7:20 here and already 75 degrees. It has been HOT!

I will be headed out to visit my dad this morning and then come home and get some writing done.

Yesterday my son and I worked on the cover for my second book in the series “Chris’ Journey Turning Different Corners”

“A Corner For Life”

Here are the front and back covers. Never know though they might end up being changed by the time the book is released. Tentative release date is October 15th, 2012. You can get the first book in the series, “Her Journey Begins” on Amazon for the special price of 99 cents for a limited time.  http://www.amazon.com/Journey-Turning-Different-Corners-ebook/dp/B008NQDUQY

“A Corner For Life” front cover

“A Corner For Life” back cover

With the third book to follow November 15th, hopefully.

Okay so let me give you a quick rundown of the week ahead and beyond!

Literary Gary http://honestindiebookreviews.wordpress.com/ will be sharing a guest post with us tomorrow! Yay! I’m so excited, he has a great post on characters that you will definitely want to read. Wednesday Diana Murdock http://dianamurdock.wordpress.com/ will be interviewed on my Wednesday Wonders. As for me I will be doing a guest post (If I ever get it written 🙂 ) for Paul Dorset/ John Cox http://blog.pauldorset.com/ sometime in the next few weeks and he will be sharing a guest post here with us on August 20th. I also will be writing an essay for Benjamin Wretlind over the next couple of weeks. And I have been trying to keep up with CampNaNo, so did I mention I will be writing? 🙂

Enjoy your day everyone. Oh one last thing! “Kyle & Kelly” is free Today, Tomorrow, and Tuesday! Find it here…   



  1. You can judge a book by its cover when the cover it good. Congrats. I had a good day of writing, maybe I am back on track.


  2. Great job with the covers, Karen. I know the inside is great!


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