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Good Morning and Happy Tuesday from Sunny California!

I have been known to be a health nut’
and love to grow organic fruits and veges. Some things grow some don’t and I usually have to fight my dog Duggy for the bell peppers. Guess he’s a health nut too!


  1. What a great photo of Duggy and his prized bell pepper! 😀


    • Yeah I’m lucky if he leaves any for me! Weird dog he loves them. Hi Rob! How have you been? Keeping busy like me?


      • My dog has a craving for fish food flakes. Every time I feed the fish, she stands next to me sniffing the ground for any dropped flakes. I’m just waiting for her to grow gills. A certain dogfish comes to mind. 🙂

        I have been trying to keep busy with work and attempting to play “Catch up” with other projects. Unfortunately, my video game addiction tends to hinder things sometimes. 😀


      • Well give Fluffy the dogfish a hug for me 🙂 Video games? Oh not here, Just plain old “procrastination station” going on and some editing and rewrites. Have at least 3 blog posts I need to get busy on and an interview to put together to feature tomorrow. Two blog awards need to be acknowledged and was tagged on twitter again. Yikes maybe I should quit procrastinating!


  2. Beautiful picture, Karen! Love your garden. And Duggy is a wonderdog! I had a dog once that loved green beans. He would fight you for them and guard them with his life, lol.


    • Thanks Dannie. Green beans, huh? I had a dog that loved raw potato peels. Funny how they pick one thing! My garden is quite tiny compared to yours.


  3. Casey Sheridan

    Your garden looks gorgeous and Duggy is cute as anything. My mom used to have a cat that love corn on the cob. She used to make us peel it outside because the cat (in the house) would get so excited about the corn he’d attack us while we were peeling it. She had to make him his own cob.


    • That is too funny! I used to work with a teacher who had two desert tortoises that loved corn on the cob. She said it was their chocolate.


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