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Come on admit it, we all make typos at some point in our writing. Maybe it’s in our books and sometimes we do it in our blog posts. Most of the time it’s because we  just get so excited and our fingers are flying across the keys trying to get all the words out.  I read a novel last week, wait, I read a few novels last week and in one of them there were 3-4 typos in the first 25 pages or so. Now even though there were the typos, they didn’t take away from the great story it was.  If you think I’m talking about you, I’ll give you an idea of the typos I’m talking about. First there was a question  that ended in the word “him” and it should have said “her” I must have reread that sentence 4 times and thought, “huh?” Okay the other one that jumped out at me was the word “though” which was actually supposed to be “thought” and then there was an “I” in one of the sentences that shouldn’t have been there?  Now I’ll have to do a weekly round up of all the books I read, so everyone can pick them up and see if they can find the typos I’m talking about. Next week.

Now using spell checker is good, but it won’t find the wrong words, only the misspelled ones.

Yes, even I have made typos.  My worst typo, the one I seem to do over and over, is the word “his” which for some reason always ends up as “hi”  I read and reread “Kyle & Kelly” at least 50 times before I hit that publish button. To my advantage, it is only 12,000 words, so reading through it was pretty easy. The fear of having a typo is horrible! Now I wrote “Kyle & Kelly” as an experiment. I wanted to know what all was involved in self publishing. I got the idea for the book on January 10th and published it on February 3rd. I don’t think there are any typos in it. I’m talking word typos, not punctuation. If you can find a word typo in “Kyle & Kelly” I’ll give you a free e-book copy of “The Good Dr. Grant” I dare ya to find one 🙂

Find “Kyle & Kelly” here http://www.amazon.com/Kyle-Kelly-ebook/dp/B0075GI3QU

Which brings me to “The Good Dr. Grant” I published it in April, but didn’t click on “Click to Look Inside” until a couple of weeks ago and there it was, my typo, right there on the first page of the story! I had reworded a sentence and forgot to take off the ‘s from the word Amy. OMG I was so embarrassed! So what do I do when I’m embarrassed, yep, I tweet about it, I tell the whole world, I point it out. Well better me then someone else, right? Oh and just so you know, I know I misspelled “veterinarian” in the blurb on the back cover, so it says “vetrinarian” Yep, I tweeted about that too. 🙂 So find “The Good Dr. Grant” here


What’s your biggest typo? 


  1. Lord have mercy on me… I have typo’d! Thanks, Emily


    • Haha I think we all have, Emily. I was just so embarrassed that mine was on the first page of the story! I corrected it in the print version, but haven’t in the e-book.


  2. Zen

    Oh typos… I have such a history with those. At one point one character in my books became “Matthew” instead of remaining “Marcus”. At another point, on a public forum, I made an even more embarrassing mistake where I wrote “pubic” instead of “cubic”, and I even fought for my word usage for a bit before I realised my mistake and died in shame.


  3. Good morning Zen
    I’ve done the name change thing, but that was because I was working on two stories at once. I hope you laugh at the public/pubic/cubic forum one now. That is too funny. The point is, we all make typos. We are only human after all.


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