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My Review of “American Goddesses”

American Goddesses is a novel by Gary Henry 

When Gary asked me if I would review American Goddesses, I told him I am not very good at reviews.

I have a hard time writing a summary or description of the book.

People ask me all the time when I recommend a book, “What’s it about?”

And I tell them, “I don’t know how to explain it. Just read the book, you’ll love it!”

Now Gary is a reviewer and he’ll probably review my review. Hah!

Let’s just hope I get at least 3 stars!

Okay on to my review of

American Goddesses by Gary Henry


I enjoyed the story American Goddesses even though it did get a bit sappy towards the end. Now being an emotional female, I cried and hugged and shared the sorrow with the characters, but a guy would probably say, “Okay enough of the tears, just get on with the story already…. Alright a man hug. There are you happy now?”

American Goddesses is a story about two women, Megan and Trish, who volunteer for a medical experiment that could wipe out all diseases known to man or woman, from the common cold to cancer. What they get are super powers that complicate their lives in good and bad ways.

Gary did an excellent job of weaving the story so that you felt you were a part of it. You felt the emotions of the characters. You could see them just as clearly as if you were in Gary’s head as he wrote.

Would I recommend American Goddesses? Yes. Would I give it five stars? Yes, I would.

Pick up the ebook on Amazon here


I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Now a question for you. If you could have any super power, what would you choose? Or do you want them all? And Guys…Ladies with Super powers are quite sexy! So get rid of that male ego and read American Goddesses!

Oh! And one last thing! Wait don’t go anywhere yet! You can find Gary here



  1. Wow that was quick! I just hit publish! Hey Gary. Hi Emily!


  2. Wow! Cool review and I have to check out the book! Awesome job! Thanks, Emily


    • Hi again Emily! And thank you. I just read a review Gary did on his blog and I have a lot to learn 🙂


  3. My review of Karen’s review of “American Goddesses.”

    It’s a fine review, and I can totally see where a reviewer might see some “sappiness” toward the end of “American Goddesses.” Karen calls it like she sees it. Like any good reviewer, she summarized the story. Like the best reviewers, she explained how the story made her feel. Karen kept the review brief and succinct — something I still struggle with in my own reviews — and gave a clear, easy-to-understand recommendation. Then she included a link to both the author and the book. I’m pleased as pomegrantes at Karen’s positive review, but even if it hadn’t been positive, it would still have been a good review the way she wrote it.

    Good job Karen! And thanks so much for reading and reviewing “American Goddesses.”


    • Hi Gary, I was just over at your blog and see where I still have a lot to learn! I guess I save all my words for my writing and then spend a lot of time editing them out! Lol and thank you for the wonderful review of my review!



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