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Need An Editor?

Just a quick update today, letting you know what’s happening here on Karens Different Corners.

First the title.

I, like a lot of other new writers and authors, cannot afford a professional editor. I was on a group page on facebook this morning and found a welcome post to another author. You can find the facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/groups/supportingauthors/

and it is called, “Supporting Authors One Read At A Time Magazine’s Network” Great place to meet and find help for your writing!

Now the other author is, Tony Riches and you can find him on facebook here https://www.facebook.com/tony.riches.9

And his blog here http://www.tonyriches.co.uk/ Which is called, “The Writing Desk”

Now while I was on Tony’s blog I came across a link to Auto Crit Manuscript Editing. Now if you click on the AutoCrit part it will take you to a page on Tony’s blog and you can try the free version. And if you go here http://www.autocrit.com/cs-cart/pricing.php It will take you to their site where you can use the free version or buy a membership (There are 3 levels) for a great price. After trying the free version, I decided on the $47.00 a year version, which I think will be good enough for me. But just trying the free version, I saw just how much this site will help my writing! Now it will never replace a human editor or beta reader, but I highly encourage you to try it!

And for some additional help on editing check out Paul Dorset’s Blog here


Even better, you can pick up his book on Amazon

http://www.amazon.com/Write-Self-Publish-First-Novel-ebook/dp/B0051H506Q?ie=UTF8&tag=jctest-20&link_code=btl&camp=213689&creative=392969 And it’s just $3.99 for the e-book. I have this book and refer to it often for a lot of my writing questions.

Okay in other news. Since I have had so many requests for author interviews, just for June I added 2 Saturdays to the lineup and will post them as Saturday Stars! And my first Saturday victim, er… guest, will be Gary Henry. Find his blog here.  http://honestindiebookreviews.wordpress.com/ He does book reviews! Can’t wait to see what is hiding in his mind!


  1. Hey Karen, the auto crit is really cool. Thanks for sharing. I am trying to actually put off editing until September, but I like the idea of this type of edits to kick it off. May ease my mind to forget about this manuscript for two months if I get these type of edits out of the way, first.


  2. Thanks for sharing this information.


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