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Review of “Catch Her In The Rye”

“Catch Her In The Rye”

I love short stories, novelettes, and novellas, as well as full length novels.I wish more authors would write collections of short stories or novelettes.That way I can pick up a book for a quick read while taking a break from writing, housecleaning, or just before bed.I recently read “Catch Her in the Rye”a collection of short stories By Wodke Hawkinson.I met them on twitter and I feel so dumb,

because when I first started following them,

I thought “Wodke Hawkinson” was one person and would often say “Hi Wodke, or thanks Wodke for the tweets” So I apologize to both Karen and PJ.  I know I’m a dink sometimes 🙂

“Catch Her in the Rye” had a total of 31 short stories. Each one well written and very unique, but…

And this is just my own personal opinion, The first five or so were cliff hangers and I don’t like Cliff hangers.Now don’t get me wrong I have a great imagination. I even thought about having “The Good Dr. Grant” end with a cliff hanger, but I want to know what happens. Waiting for the fall season of all my fave TV shows is driving me batty and cliffhangers tend to do that to me also.When I first started reading “Catch Her in the Rye”and found the cliffhangers it brought to mind what Stephen King said in the last book of “The Dark Tower” series,”I’ve told my tale all the way to the end, and am satisfied. I can stop now, put my pen down, and rest my weary hand. Yet some of you who have provided the ears without which no tale can survive a single day are likely not so willing. You are the grim, goal-oriented ones who will not believe that the joy is in the journey rather than the destination no matter how many times it has been proven to you. I hope most of you know better. Want better. I hope you came to hear the tale, and not just munch your way through the pages to the ending. Endings are heartless. Ending is just another word for goodbye.”

Stephen King actually had a page and a half of explanations as to endings, but I think you get the point, and by the way I did read all the way through past that part. I already had a good idea as to what was going to happen but If Mr. King would have left me dangling over that cliff I think I would have to write him a letter and have a very serious talk with him. 🙂

Now back to my review of “Catch Her in the Rye”

Even though there were some cliff hangers, I did have some favorite stories in the book.

“Belle” A story about a lonely man and a lost dog.

“The Tree” This one actually had a great ending!

“Ain’t No Lights” This one didn’t have to have the ending. I really liked this one about a man’s search of his ancestry and graveyards.

“Addicted To Death” I think the title gives enough clues without me telling you what it’s about.

“Bony Men” To me this one says that there’s a strength in all of us. We just need to find a reason to look for it.

And you can find my review of “Catch Her in the Rye” on Goodreads also.


So to sum this up…I really enjoyed reading “Catch Her in the Rye” and would highly recommend it, even with the cliffhangers.

Now I am off to have a very serious talk with Wodke Hawkinson. Don’t leave me hanging over the edge. I need to know what happened!

If you would like to read “Catch Her in the Rye” You can find it on Amazon here


Have a great Monday everyone!


  1. You know, we never even realized those tales were cliffhangers until you mentioned it! But you are right; some of the tales are like snapshots of larger stories. Thank you so much for reading our book and for your thoughtful review. And don’t worry another second about the name thing…we answer to either Wodke or Hawkinson! lol



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