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Good Morning and Happy Monday. I just want to write a quick post and share another’s post and then you can get busy doing whatever you have to do!

What do you struggle with when you write, edit and revise?

Is it dialogue?

Plot maybe?

Overall storyline?


Show vs. tell?

I have been working on my edits for Chris’ Journey Turning Different Corners and overall, I personally love the story, but…

I struggle with Show vs. Tell and have been reading quite a few writing help books, which hopefully have been helping, we’ll see… soon!

Anyway I read a blog post this morning about “Plot Fixers–A lack of Goals.” Now my plot is okay but she had some great tips and I wanted to share. So check it out here and have a wonderful Monday!



  1. I struggle with time. Just not enough hours in the day to get everything done.


    • That’s a good one which I hadn’t thought about! With so much that we need to do sometimes finding time to write, edit and then promote is a big struggle.


  2. Diceyblog, that is my problem, too. The writing, editing etc part is the easy bit. Then comes the real torment – stretching time!


  3. Zen

    I stuggle with the show vs. tell thing too. Sometimes without noticing I dump a whole load of info on the reader, and then I go back to edit I’m all, “Jeez. What is this mess I created here?” Haha.


    • That’s me! When I opened up “Chris’ Journey after it had sat for a couple of months and I was like, “Oh my, I can’t believe I did that!” lol


  4. By the time I’m on my final edit, I’m so sick of the whole thing, all I want to do is get it done, so I guess my answer is all of the above. (Can you tell I’m doing a final edit at the moment?)


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