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A Call Out For Interviews

Hmm…Maybe I didn’t word that right, but here’s what I would like to do.

Since I like to support crafters of all genres, writers, authors, artists, book designers, and even hand crafters,

I will be posting interviews on my blog once a week, starting June 6, 2012. So if you have a new book coming out

or a project you have been working on and would like some promotion and be interviewed, leave me a comment with your email,

or email me at kkrafts58@gmail.com.

Now what should we call our weekly interviews? Vote on the poll and the one with the most votes by Monday will be the name of my weekly interviews.


  1. I did an my one and only interview for IndieBookSpot and i really enjoyed it. I would love the chance to do another one, I like answering the questions!



  2. I’d be very interested in getting involved! Always fun to promote my latest book and spread the word…

    Armand Rosamilia


    • Sure. Love to have you. I’ll send out the list of questions to everyone that wants to be interviewed either later tonight or tomorrow.


  3. I would love to get an interview with you. I will email you in a moment.


  4. If you haven’t been overwhelmed by starving artists, I’d love to get interviewed! My email is primeentertainer at gmail dot com!


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