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My Agenda, Can You Relate?

I have been so overwhelmed with all this internet stuff that I can’t seem to accomplish anything!

My days seem to be non-stop; check emails, tweet, facebook comments, read blogs, comment on blogs, check emails, tweet, repeat!

What hair I haven’t pulled out needs to be colored! So if you see a stressed out person walking down the street, muttering to themselves, with tufts of gray hair sticking out from their head, it’s not Albert Einstein, It’s me! Oh wait…I don’t have a mustache, but The first 4 letters of our last names are the same!albert-einstein

So I have got to get myself under control!

I have been writing about promoting and Social media on my other blog and you can read it here;


Anyway, I really need to get my agenda straight.

So I’ve told myself; “Self…You need to cut back!”

With all the changes facebook has made over the past year, I have cut back there and with new changes coming, I’m not sure how much longer I will stay there.

I do plan on continuing to tweet, follow blogs, comment on blogs (I love blogs) and writing my own blogs, but what I would like to do, is start doing interviews on my blogs

and have others write guest posts for my blogs.

So for my AGENDA! Kind of like my To-Do list. These are things I need to get done!

  1. Finish revising and editing the first book in my series, “Chris’ Journey Turning Different Corners”
  2. Reformat the print versions of “The Good Dr. Grant” and “Kyle & Kelly The Perfect Party Planner”
  3. Write my blog post.
  4. Make a dentist appointment UGH! I’m still trying. Now if only my insurance could get it together!
  5. Answer the questions for an interview I will be doing on another blog. (To be announced)
  6. Come up with 15 unique questions to interview others on my blog.
  7. Touch base with friends. I have become a hermit hiding here in my cave and not only are they missing me, I’m missing them!

There are so many other things, like clean house, give the dog a bath and haircut, do yardwork, go buy coffee, but they can wait, well no, maybe the coffee can’t but…Then I have to put my shoes on and leave my cave, And where’s my hat? I don’t want people mistaking me for Einstein!

And if you would like to do an interview or a guest post on one of my blogs, let me know. I’d love to have you.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


  1. I am unfamiliar with blogging, but my debut novel, VIEW FROM MY SOUL is doing well despite that. I would love an interview, but I encourage you to visit my website first.
    Many thanks for the invitation.


    • Hi Jill! I’d love to interview you. I stopped by your website and your fb page and read your first interview you did with another. I’ll get my questions put together and you can email me at kkrafts58@yahoo.com so I can email them to you and I do have two blogs so it’s your choice as to which blog you want your interview to be. And Thank you!


  2. Uh, yeah. I can relate. Not enough hours in the day for all that must be done. I’ve been forced to cut down my social media time, because I’m just too exhausted. What changes are coming to FB now?


  3. Good morning and here I am again! 🙂 FB is going to redesign the timeline again. I guess they are hoping it will be more user friendly. They lost me when they started having the ticker tapes and the lists, and the…I get on there in the morning and have 100+ notifications every day.


  4. Karen, your to do list is making me exhausted. Good for you in really trying to define what you need to do for your success. I did an interview last week that will be published next month by another blogger and it was fun. I really get a lot out of reading writer and blogger interviews. So, I am looking forward to you starting this.


    • Hi Sydney I hope you are recovered from my exhaustive list. 🙂 I hope to have the list of questions put together over the weekend. If you want to be interviewed or want to do a guest post let me know. I’ll put up an official notice after I put my list of questions together. Happy Friday!


      • I would love to be interviewed. Anytime. I am going to be doing Junowrimo next month, so I would love to guest post maybe in July or August. I know you are trying to cut back, but, I would love for you to guest post on my blog as well.


  5. That is a good agenda! I would love it if you interviewed me. 🙂 I published a fantasy book called By the Sword. Just let me know when you need me.


    • Hi Sara Just send me an email and I will send you the questions. I just received the first interview today and I will put up an interview schedule and will put people on the schedule in the order that I receive their interview.
      my email kkrafts58@yahoo.com


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