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Review of “Just After Sunset”

I usually don’t write reviews of the Stephen King novels I read, but…

I have been struggling with the revisions and edits for the first book in my series,

“Chris’ Journey Turning Different Corners”

The story is there, the characters are there, the dialogue is there, so what’s the problem?

The problem is in how the story is told, or shown, or maybe just worded.

Someone said on one of the blogs I follow, “If you want to learn to write, you have to read.” or something to that effect.

So I pulled out the hardback book “Just After Sunset” that has been sitting in the drawer with the TV remote and started reading.

Nobody can craft a story like Stephen King.

There is only one book that I have read of his, that just didn’t do it for me and that is “The Colorado Kid” if you’d like to check it out it is available for your kindle. http://www.amazon.com/The-Colorado-Kid-ebook/dp/B000FCKFGW/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1337047265&sr=1-1

“Just After Sunset” is a collection of short stories and in the introduction Stephen King says,

“Oh, and one more thing. I know some readers like to hear something about how or why certain stories came to be written. If you are one of those people, you’ll find my “liner notes” at the back. But if you go there before you read the stories themselves, shame on you.”

I didn’t want to shame myself, so I read the entire book first.

This collection is different. There isn’t the usual blood, guts, and gore. There’s no monsters under your bed. These stories are touching and thought provoking. I especially enjoyed, “The Things They Left Behind” The story is about Scott Staley who is dealing with guilt after 9/11.

Even if you aren’t a fan of Stephen King, I highly recommend “Just After Sunset” I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.



  1. One of my favorites. Actually all of Stephen Kings work are my favorites. I am having some anxiety about how to start a story that I am plotting for JuNoWriMo next month. I think that is a great idea to read to get inspired. Thanks.


    • I think my favorite has to be “Cell” for a stand alone novel and “The Dark Tower” series for a series. So you are going to do JuNoWriMo. I haven’t decided yet. In fact i just got my email the other day from my region’s ML asking if I was going to participate. “Chris’ Journey Turning Different Corners” was my NaNoWriMo this last November, so if I do JuNo, I will probably start the second book of the series.


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