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Today I Will! Or What Motivates You…

I feel like I am so far behind on all the things I need to do. Here it is Thursday already and I’m still dealing with the 140+ emails I received on Monday, not to mention all the new ones I’ve received since then. I also have about 4 blogposts I need to get written and this is the first of them. Not to mention that I have books to read, dishes to do,  need to get some yardwork done, and then of course the number one thing on my priority list for today is to continue editing “Chris’ Journey Turning Different Corners” (Need to write a blog post about that also 🙂 )

We all have such busy lives that some days we just want to shove everything under the rug and say “No More!” But then, sorry to say, we can’t always do that.

So what I want to know is, “What motivates you to keep going?” Whether you are trying to stick to that diet you’re on, stay on track with your new exercise regimen, write. edit, whatever it is that you have set as your goals.

Do you stick to your diet because you want to get into your favorite pair of jeans or bikini, now that summer is upon us here?

Do you sit down and write or edit because you have a deadline to meet? What if you don’t have a deadline? What motivates you to get it done? To push yourself to your limit.

Some days there are so many things that get in our way of goals. We have work, housecleaning, laundry, yard work, bills to pay, groceries to buy, family and friends to attend to, you know, the basic every day necessities that comes with life.

My friend Jillian has challenged CJ West to show us his Abs. Talk about a great motivator to stick to an exercise routine! And you can help with the challenge by commenting on his blog here


And read more about it here on Jillian’s blog


And of course mine here


This isn’t a post to promote Cj’s Challenge, but it is a great challenge to get someone motivated.

Remember the game Truth or Dare, or how about someone daring to you do something, or I’ll double dare you.

Does it take a bet? I bet can lose five pounds before you do.

Or maybe a challenge to a duel? Well that’s getting a little extreme, but…

Not all of us have a challenge like that to get us motivated.

So what motivates you to do what you do?


  1. This year I took Cara Michaels’ #WIP500 challenge to write 500 words in my manuscript every day. While it has been quite a challenge to keep at times (do to work responsibilities and everyday life, it has motivated me to continue writing and completing my WiP. I miss a day or two here and there, but when I sit down with that commitment in mind I usually am able to whip out about 1,000 words or more. I have written more just in the past four months than I have written in years because of the #WIP500 challenge that I committed to.

    Good luck with catching up on the emails! And I thought sifting through 60+ per day was a chore! 🙂


    • The writing part hasn’t given me any trouble, well at least not yet, but for some reason the final edits on this first book in my series is…I’ll sit down and edit a sentence or two, maybe even a paragraph and then get up and walk away. I don’t know what it is, because I really want to get it done! As for the emails, that’s just one account, I have 2 more. I think I’m spreading myself to thin! Hope you are having a great and productive day!


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