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Dialogue Or Monologue

I just finished reading the post at Word Serve Water Cooler and knew I had to write my own post so I wouldn’t clutter up their’s with my long monologue! You can find their post here


I encourage you to stop by and check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Okay, now on to my monologue!  🙂

I’m a listener, not a talker. When I get together with people and they ask,

“So what’s up with you? Anything new and exciting in your life?”

My reply is usually the same, “No nothing new here  just the same old thing.”

And then the next day I’m like, “I should have said this or that!”

As a writer (even now as I write this blog post) I have all these conversations running through my head.

Yes, I am talking to myself as I write, don’t you? 🙂

So I don’t do a lot of talking when I meet people face to face, but when I sit down to write, well that’s a totally different concept and I will go on and on, so stop me when you get tired of listening!

Sorry…Guess I should get to the point.

My current WIP is probably about 70% dialogue. No I didn’t plan it that way, but the story is carried along by the interactions of the different characters, without a lot of description. And reading the other blog they were commenting on writing dialogue and don’t have your characters go on and on and bore your readers. But I do have a couple of parts where my heroine goes off into a monologue and then has to apologize because she talks to much.

Maybe I should have the guy thinking, “What is her problem? Doesn’t anyone ever talk to her, or listen to her for that matter?”

Actually I have a nephew like that and we tease his wife, “Don’t you ever talk to him?” and she tells us, “I can never get a word in!”

I love dialogue when I’m reading. I love how it shows how the characters relate to one another. I also like description and I’ve talked about this before, where does a writer find a happy medium?

The thing is: There is no happy medium!

Each story you write is going to be different. My last two stories had maybe 60-40% or a 50-50% dialogue vs. description, or visa versa.  The thing with both is in how you write it, if you are going to be heavy on descriptions, make them good so that the reader can see what you see and when it comes to dialogue, write it the way your characters are. Don’t throw in big fancy words if the characters don’t usually talk like that, have them make mistakes when talking, let them say, “Oh I should have said that! UGH!” Let your readers identify with your characters. We all have those hind site moments and sometimes we talk to much and sometimes we don’t say enough.

I have this one part in “The Good Dr. Grant” (Coming soon!) Where two of the characters are having a conversation saying only one word each. Example;  “Really?” “Yes” “Why” and they go back and forth and the heroine complains about their small talk and he asks her what does she want to do instead and she tells him and he tells her “Later” “Ugh!”

So sometimes it’s not how long or short the conversation is, it’s what the characters are trying to say.


Happy Monday Everyone! Here’s wishing you a great week of…whatever you are doing! 🙂





  1. I don’t write many stories and if I do they’re short but I know what I like to read! I like a happy mix of description and dialogue–less on the description, mostly. Dialogue is kind of like eavesdropping on conversations 🙂


    • Hello again 🙂 Each of my stories has a different amount of dialogue vs. description. I read a novel in Dec. from a new author and the story was great, but she was really heavy on description and I would have liked a little more interaction and dialogue between the main characters.


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