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Sharing, Tweeting, RT, and Self Promoting?

I was just having a conversation with Felicity on twitter and it spurred this blog post.

I love to share other’s links. Help promote them, tweet them and RT them,

mainly because I think we should help others to become successful in what they do and

I hope they will be kind and reciprocate.

Many years ago, even before I opened my gift basket business,

I remember reading somewhere that if you do something good, you aren’t supposed

to tell others about it, but let others tell about it. Which caused me to always have a hard time

promoting myself and my products, even now I still have a hard time advertising my book, BUT…

I do it. I’m proud of myself  that I wrote it, published it, and have it on Amazon and I know that if I don’t

tell people about it being there, no one will ever know.

Be proud of yourself and your accomplishments.

Share, tweet, RT, and promote, just try not to overwhelm us or drive us insane and I will do the same.

Happy Tweeting and promoting everyone!

Oh and you can find Felicity’s book here…




  1. Well said, Karen. I think the issue about ‘overdoing it’ is one that some folks need to take on board. I understand the need to tweet about one’s book regularly, because different people will pick it up at different times. But I had to remove someone from my “supporters” list recently because I became exhausted every day scrolling through his posts just to get to someone else’s! I assume a tot of folks “autotweet”, because I know I couldn’t produce that volume every day and still have time left to do other things.


    • Hi Stuart
      I follow an author that for a long time, tweeted nothing but their book, and I would share and RT them,
      but it bugged me that they never shared or promoted anyone else.
      I know it’s a “Dog eat dog” world, and you’ve got to look out for #1, not to mention, “Good guys finish last”
      But I have never been able to live with that philosophy myself.
      I think the world is big enough for us all to be able to succeed and we should be able to do it without being a pain in the neck.
      I was thinking yesterday that before the internet, how did people advertise their books?


      • I couldn’t agree more with your philosophy, Karen. If the price of success is trampling on others, then I want nothing to do with it. In any case, I honestly believe we can do both – look out for others AND be successful.
        Interesting last point you make. Of course, self-publishing was very rare (and expensive), book shops were more common and there was just a lot less available information about books generally. It was unimaginably different!


      • Will try not to date myself here 🙂 but I remember actually going to the bookstore at the mall or checking out the books at Kmart, just to see what was new. And that didn’t happen too often since the mall was 3 towns away!


      • Different world! And it’s not that long ago, either… 😀


      • Yes, different world. I’ve been using the internet since 98, but somehow feel that when jobs are lost, we have no one to blame but ourselves, since the majority of things we used to go out and do, we can do right here from our computers. By the way thinking of computers, I started reading “The Butterfly & The Bull” last night. 🙂


  2. If the only conversation we had with each other was ‘to hawk our wares’ then I would be disappointed! Such is not the case here, and I enjoy our chats. Congratulations on all you’ve accomplished–and yes, tell us about it! 🙂


  3. Hi Jeannie How have you been?


  4. Awesome post, Karen. I’ve had to be careful here, since I’m a Social Media Strategist. I was sending out too many automatic tweets across my social “landscape,” and wasn’t aware of how quickly they added up.

    A great turn-off it can be, and I have un-followed some people as a result.

    That said, promote away! Just keep it to a healthy balance….find new avenues, etc.

    :o) THANK YOU for your support as well!


  5. Hi Karen,

    I have only been at this for about a month, but I am having the time of my life. Reading, sharing and retweeting the stuff that interest me. Everyone who puts stuff out there for other to see and hear and read just inspire me to get better at what I love to do.
    Great post.


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