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Now I Know…

If you follow me on twitter, facebook and my other blog, you would know that I love reading other people’s blogs,

especially help blogs for writers. And I have come across quite a few on Self Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing.

And one of the main complaints people have about self publishing is that anyone can write a book and publish it.

It doesn’t mean it’s a good book, many times people complain that the story is poorly written and has spelling and grammar mistakes.

And I didn’t believe that people actually did that! I mean really? Do people really throw together what they believe a story to be and take the time and go through smashwords or createspace, publish it, and upload it to Amazon for sale? Really?

Well, the other day I purchased a short story e-book from Amazon, well to me it’s not purchasing because they had it on special, so it was free that day. And I’m talking a short story, 5 pages short story. Anyway, I decided since it was short I’d read it real quick, And it was like just a blurb, and not a good one at that, I mean it was like picking up a paperback book, reading 5 pages and then the next 40 pages are  blank! I’m going…What the??? There was no story here and what was there wasn’t very interesting…Okay so now I know.

I have been so worried about what people will think about my book, yes I still worry, but after that experience, I’m not half as worried as I was.

My book that I just published on Amazon was for the experience. It is a novelette, but it has a story line, a beginning, a middle and a Happily Ever After. Yes, I created the cover using createspace’s cover creator, but I am happy with my choice of that. It is my first book I self published. I’m not looking to get rich from it. I do want people to read it, I do want people to review it, and I want honest opinions, as to the story. Does it make sense, do you know who’s who, are the descriptions there, etc, etc…

Right now the e-book price is $2.99, but I do plan on giving it away for free on the 14th and 15th of February, in the hopes people will download it to their kindle and read it and let me know what they think.  (If you are a prime member you can borrow it for free.)

At least now I know why some people are against self publishing. I’m glad that I didn’t put out money for the book, and no, I won’t disclose the name of the author, or the title of the book. Sorry, It’s just not my way.

Here is the link for my book…



  1. I am all for self-publishing. Truthfully, big publishing houses are curating garbage content right now. The Kardashians have a book– self-publishers can’t do worse than that.


    • Good morning! I am for it and against…I know it’s crazy ,but… I look at it in the way that agents and publishers need to be able work and make money, but so do writers. And yes there is garbage on both sides.


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