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Help with the fight against Leukemia

I probably wouldn’t have blogged about this today, but have found that another author’s son is in his own fight with this horrible thing, where treatments, they will tell you, are worse than the disease.  Come March 19th it will be 25 years since my oldest son was diagnosed with leukemia. He underwent a little over 3 years of chemotherapy. and he will be 36 in April and I am thankful every day.

But Today I want to bring to your attention another writer whose son is in his own fight against leukemia.

Joshua is 21 and a philosophy major in college and is undergoing chemo for  Acute T-cell Lymphoblastic Leukemia and you can read more about him here on his dads blog post

If you would like to help you can go here…

I have blogged here on my blog about my son’s leukemia

And a guest post about my son’r journey with Leukemia here on Brian’s blog


  1. I think it takes a lot of courage to blog about something so personal.


    • Yes, it does, but if people don’t share, then they often don’t get the help and support that they need.
      My son doesn’t tell anyone that he had leukemia, it’s a part of his life that he doesn’t like to talk about,
      And yet he is a survivor. I talk about it to give others hope and support. It was a big part of our lives
      and changed our perspective view of everything around us.


  2. My sis passed of Leukemia at 16 years old. It is one of the most single heart-wrenching things to see a person you love so wracked in pain and suffering. God Bless everyone in the article and you! Thoughts and prayers, Emily


    • Oh I’m so sorry Emily. Leukemia is such a sad disease and striking innocent children is the most terrifying ordeal for all families. I have lost family and friends to leukemia and other cancers. But it is such a tragedy when they are so young and just beginning their life. May God Bless you too Emily.


  3. I found your site through my website and had to read.
    I cannot imagine the pain of watching a loved one struggle through something like this.
    Simply put; I had to write.

    One of the kids I knew from church passed away from Leukemia. Most of the kids in the neighborhood knew him. As an adult, I saw what this disease can do to an entire community through one child. He was loved. I wish I would have known him longer.
    Some years have passed and most of the youth are young adults now, they still talk about the young man, and as always I am saddened.
    I’ve chosen to take all the sadness and try to make it something good for this community and help the youth feel like through a terrible pain something wonderful can be accomplished.

    I never want to assume I understand the type of hurt leukemia can bring to a family. I just want to help these kids feel like they can change things. I’m putting some things together in 2014 to bring awareness to my community.

    I’d be honored if anyone has any ideas or helpful hints in this area.

    ……..who loves a New Orleans parade. Click the link below for more info.
    Find out more about our city wide Leukemia Awareness Party!
    Encouraging Businesses, Vendors and communities around the US to help
    stomp out another ‘name’……leukemia…….PARTY STYLE!


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