Treat everyday as a new adventure

Support New Talent!

Benjamin mentioned me on twitter, and it got me to thinking and of course when my brain gets to thinking…

New Blog Post! Right?

So here’s what  Benjamin said

@K_Einsel Thanks for the RT! If there were a million of you, we’d all be famous by now.

Did you know that the…

“Latest official current world population estimate, for mid-year 2011, is estimated at 6,928,198,253.

Did I sound like an announcer? In my head I did! 🙂
I read that here  🙂


And to tell you the truth I can’t even read that number, or imagine that many people! Can you? WOW!

So here we have all these people and I bet at least half of them read and eat, and give gifts, and…

We build our platforms, we toot our own horns, we get people to spread the news.

Yes, I can be as guilty as the next person, but I also love to share. I love to help others achieve what they want.

So I thought I should challenge all of you.

I know we all have our favorites. Authors, bath products, candy companies, etc. But…

Try something new,

Help support the ones that are struggling up that high hill, get behind them and give them a little push.

Not to hard we don’t want them rolling down the other side!

Go out and buy a new book, by a new author and share with others how awesome they are.

Here are a few that I recommend..All have their own genre and age groups, but take a chance, you never know!

“Near Death” by Richard C Hale


“Eleven” by Carolyn Arnold


“Erie Canal Cousins” by Dorothy Stacy


Mike Wells has quite a few to select from find him here…


Paul Dorset’s “Xannu”


Well these should get you started, if you have a favorite up and coming author, please share.

And next week or maybe even later this week, I will share some of my favorite handcrafters.

Valentine’s day is coming up. What are you getting your special sweetheart?

And stop by and say hi to Benjamin! Tell him Karen sent you!

bxwretlind Benjamin X. Wretlind



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