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Being Creative

A comment on my last blog post “Getting Out!” inspired me to write this blog post. Lisa from http://mainstreetmusingsblog.com/


“I can relate! It’s so fascinating to me how one word, thought, or concept can inspire an entire piece of work!”

I have been a crafter for many years. I took a “How to knit” class with my older sister when I was 12 and then a few years later my other sister taught me the basic stitches of crochet. She couldn’t teach me much, because I’m right handed and she’s a lefty, so everything she taught me was backwards in my eyes! But I became fascinated with the concept that you could take a strand of yarn, and these metal sticks and hooks and make wearable art! Slippers, sweaters, hats, not to mention blankets, potholders, and doilies! Then I discovered plastic canvas. WOW! now I had a whole new medium to work with and my creative mind took over. I started creating patterns and selling them to craft magazines, and finally I took my love of crafts one step further and in 2005, started my own business of designing and creating custom gift baskets, gift bags and finally party sets.  My first order was for 40 custom gift baskets for a major RV dealer and yep you guessed it, I was hooked! So in 2008 I took the plunge and opened a gift shop.  But then when the economy finally took it’s toll on me, in Feb. 2011, I closed the doors to my physical shop.

But being a crafter, I know creativity comes in many forms, and in May 2011, I found the love of writing. Creating stories from words, ideas, pictures. You know there are so many things that can inspire our creativity. I can just imagine what a photographer sees when he looks through his camera, or an artist as they look at that blank canvas. The creative mind is fascinating and there are no limitations as to what it can imagine and create.

Here’s wishing each of you a crafty, creative, awe inspired, wonderful day!




  1. Yes, the economy has done in a couple of my pet projects too, but you have to keep pushing, doing what you love and you will be rewarded, perhaps not monetarily but emotionally and spiritually you will. Great post, and a nice inspiration to all of us.


  2. Good morning Peter! Wow you are quick this morning 🙂
    I have the tendency to believe everything happens for a reason, so I usually stay positive. I have been accused of wearing rose colored glasses more than once, I’m afraid, but I can usually find the good, no matter how bad.


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