Treat everyday as a new adventure

Getting Out!

Wow, now that’s a statement that can have sooo many meanings!

No, I’m not talking about getting out of writing, in fact I am so deep into writing now,

I don’t think I could ever get out of it. 🙂

I’m talking about our daily routines.

If you are a writer you know that some days life gets boring.

You get up and head to the computer and you write.

After awhile you get up and stretch, get another cup of coffee or tea, and you write some more.

About a month ago, I got my jury summons in the mail. They come once a year, rain or shine.

Now normally when I get one I go, UGH! But not this time. This time I was actually looking forward to “JURY DUTY”

(I think I have been cooped up at home for way too long.) In fact, just the thought of going to jury duty,

sparked the creation of a whole new story in my head.

I have been working on a series,

in which I wrote the last book first, as a stand alone novel,

95,000 words, a beginning, a middle, and a Happily Ever After, but with a few unanswered questions.

Then when I signed up to do NaNoWriMo, not knowing what I wanted to write,

I wrote the first book in the series answering some of the unanswered questions.

I am now working on the second book in the series, and even though the story is in my head,

I have been stumbling through it, Not getting the emotions just right,

not conveying them the way I want them to come out. And this new story that has popped up in my mind,

well let’s just say it is hindering my progress on my series, because it is screaming to be written!

So, I am now working on two different story lines and trying to keep the character’s names straight!

And as to jury duty, sorry to say, I called last night and was informed that I didn’t have to show up. Darn!

Now for the clincher, This is my horoscope for this morning, thought it was fitting for today’s post.

“If you can just settle into the safety of life’s little routines, you should be able to find new ways to endure — or even enjoy — the boredom. If you struggle too hard, everyone is miserable.”

So here I am, settling into my safe little chair and enjoying my daily routine!

Wishing you all a wonderful day!



  1. I began working on a spy/thriller series of books. I have the basic outline of seven books in my head already. I know where each book begins and ends, but it’s those middles I need to work on!

    I hate jury duty.


    • yep! It’s the middles I have the problems with too!
      And I’m not a fan of jury duty either,
      but thought it would be a nice change of pace! LOL! Hope you are having a great day!


  2. I can relate! It’s so fascinating to me how one word, thought, or concept can inspire an entire piece of work!


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